I’ve started rewatching the seasons yesterday and I’m on Season one, episode 11 - moments later.
We know that Ali visits Hanna while she is in the hospital. Although it could be a hallucination because of the drugs, it also could be real. But that’s not what I’m focusing on.

While Ali is there she says “the four of you combined..you know more about that night than you think” which is referring to the night Ali disappeared. What if that really was Ali there and she was telling them that they know more but they have to dig deep enough?
this kind of just blew over in the show but what if Ali was right and they did know more?

This post is posted on Sunday 11 August 2013.
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  6. pllobsessedwithaliandliars said: i know i think thats soooo important too, there are a lot of lines she has said that i really want to know what they mean! i hope we find out, i would love an episode where they all piece it together!
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